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Invest in the 8 Pillars of IT success

  • 1. Strategy

    What is your IT strategy? Do you have a written plan? A lack of strategy leads to IT chaos and a waste of money on wrong IT decisions.

  • 5. Device Security

    Device Security is more than protection against viruses, malware and other nasties that will compromise your system integrity and health.

  • 2. Perimeter Security

    Perimeter security is to ensure the “bad guys” are kept out of your system, while allowing access for remote users to safely and securely access what they need.

  • 6. Data Security

    Everyone says that they do backups, but doing a backup and been able to recover data easily and in a timely fashion is another story.

  • 3. Switching

    The box in the server rack with the flashing lights that all of your network cables plug into is a key part of the foundation of your network. It deserves respect.

  • 7. House Keeping

    Having a documented and labelled system so everything is quickly identified and easy to find reduces costs and saves time.

  • 4. Home For Your Data

    The home for your data is more than just your servers’ type and specifications. It’s the heart of your network and must be configured and maintained correctly.

  • 8. General Management

    The regular maintenance of your IT environment. Regular maintenance ensures small issues remain just that – small – and do not escalate into major hassles for your office, site or practice.

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