NAB Bank Scam

Two women looking confused while reading something on their ipad

So many scams, so little time. Today there was a u201cZero Dayu201d release of this NAB scam. Zero Day effectively means that no one has seen it before so none of the Spam filters recognise it to filter it out. This makes it extra dangerous because if you click, it could go boom and there is nothing anyone can do.

That said, there are a number of key indicators that scream u201cSCAMu201d.

  1. The return address u2013 u2013 What actually is that. These idiots didnu2019t even try to trick anyone hereu2026.
  2. Banks will never ask for verification via email. It is too easy to be impersonated so it just wont happen.
  3. If you hover your mouse over the u201cMake It Nowu201d button, it will tell you the address of where it is going to take you.
Make sure you donu2019t actually click on the link u2013 it wont end well for you. This process does show you that it is not going to u2013 rather it is going to google.
nThe whole email looks like this:
This email should disappear in the days to come but there will always be ones just like it.
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