Bali 2017- Sharpen The Saw

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I am a big fan of Stephen R Covey’s book – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. If you haven’t read the book, seriously you should. Habit #7 is Sharpen the Saw. Jump out to the 7 Habits page for more detail, but in essence it basically says “Work on yourself” rather than just “Working Hard”.

I am incredibly fortunate to be a member of a Mastermind Group where we do just that – Sharpen the Saw. Each Monday from 3-4 pm there are 6 technology business owners from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, New Zealand and Hong Kong that are on a group call to keep ourselves accountable to best practice and business progress. This means that when clients deal with Domain Digital, they are dealing with an international footprint of companies with significant organisational learning.

“Every 6 months we fly into a host city for a full business tear down. This means P&L, Balance Sheet, Marketing Plans and Technology Stack reviews that ensures we are at the top of our game. This is where we Sharpen Our Saw”

We have been to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, New Zealand and Hong Kong over the years. 2017 it was Bali (Long story but essentially one of the guys was in Bangkok for another meeting – Bali was close….).

Contrary to popular belief (from our wives that think this is purely a junket), we have a tight structure of reporting that is followed to the letter. The results are a meshing of the mind, great sharing of ideas and a renewed energy for business.

This was the board room table for the four days (Yes we needed hats and sun burn cream)

The view from my room

The infinity pool was the goods…

Whilst we spent the entire time at the resort, we did manage to slip in a beach side beverage on the way back to the airport.

I always get incredible value from these trips. Too much to list off without boring everyone, but the number 1 lesson this time round for me is to step up as CEO, leverage and add to our awesome team and push the business forward.

I am always looking for great tech staff and sales people. Both need to be incredible communicators and A grade team players. If you are that person, hit me up for a coffee (or even a beer) – Life is all about timing… It might be now, it might be later. You just need to put it out there.

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