All Managed Service Providers claim to provide the same level of service, including:

  1. Remote monitoring / alerting for all supported devices and infrastructure
  2. IT Security and Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
  3. Completely in-house Help Desk staffed with experienced technicians L1-L3
  4. IT strategy and customer care

But what sets Domain Digital apart is what we do on top of this. Our differentiators include:

The Domain Digital Advantage:
At Domain, we start by getting to know your business, its needs and how we can help it thrive. Our emphasis is on our customeru2019s success every step of the way. Our u201cfive pillarsu201d proven process and our philosophy on service delivery with proactive, reactive and strategic elements are the reasons we have a 97% client retention rate.

How do we ensure continued success?
Domain Digital clients are scheduled to meet for a Quarterly Business Review (QBR). The QBR is a deep-dive evaluation into your network and infrastructure, to discuss internal projects to be planned & budgeted for the upcoming year. These health checks review equipment age, lifecycle replacement needs, evaluate annual renewals on contracts with third-party IT vendors, review IT strategy and discuss relevant emerging industry trends. Additionally, each client is offered an IT roadmap, strategic consultations and budgeting overview.

Vendor Procurement Discussions:
Domain Digital understands that our customers often get bogged down and lose productivity dealing with their vendors as it relates to technology. Domain assumes the role of vendor liaison to keep our customers free from such distractions. We become the one point of accountability when it comes to resolving IT issues. Part of the Domain Digital solution means no more headaches with vendors.

We have more than 100 clients, mainly small- and medium-sized businesses in the legal, manufacturing, healthcare, non-profit, financial services (financial planning, CPA firms, etc.) and professional services industries. Typically our clients have anywhere from 15 to 200 end users (employees using a desktop, laptop, and/or device(s) on a regular basis), but we have many clients who are smaller and larger as well.

Client onboarding begins once we receive an SLA from the client. Every new client is onboarded via a tailored plan that includes:

  • Installation of Domain Digital management tools
  • Installation of security tools
  • Installation of backup tools and media
  • Setup and testing of backup
  • Cleanup of the physical environment
  • Labelling of all equipment, cabling, etc.
  • Network assessment
  • Configuration of client equipment to align with Domain Digital IT Services standards and best practices (addressing any concerns or recommendations from the network assessment)
  • Documentation of all aspects of the client environment in our documentation system (includes photos of the environment)
  • Implementation timeline of approximately 2 weeks, depending on client size and environment complexity
  • Follow-up approximately 3 weeks following onboarding to resolve any issues, check in with key contacts.
There is no catch. Over the years we have determined what level of network health is achievable on any given network and we know how many hours of support are needed by a network of that complexity, when itu2019s properly managed. We then use those ratios to predict how much support youu2019re likely to need once we onboard and stabilise the network. In the beginning, we will lose money because we are taking care of neglected items and pent-up IT demand. Eventually, we will get all of the gremlins out of the network and move into the next phase which is maintaining and planning for the future.
All of our SLAu2019s have a 30 day termination process. We believe that if we arenu2019t meeting your needs and the relationship isnu2019t a win/win for both parties it shouldnu2019t have to continue.
Our help desk is available from 7am-5.00pm Monday u2013 Friday. We also have a 24/7 emergency number for any out of business hours issues that arise.
We make it a lot easier than you think it will be. Once youu2019ve made the decision Domain Digital will begin acting on your behalf to transition you seamlessly over to our services using our tried and true methodology. The majority of the work is done behind the scenes with little to no impact on your day to day operations.

Want to know more about how Domain Digitalu2019s IT services in Perth could be of value to your business?