MS Clutter is a PIA

Man looking very strained and tired as he sits in front of a laptop

I am a big fan of Office 365 but there are a few things that don’t work so well. In my opinion, Clutter in Outlook can only be described as a real pain in the arse…

Supposedly Clutter was designed to make our lives easier by learning what is important and what is not however I believe if it is going into your inbox, it is important. If not, you should unsubscribe or set up a rule to move the email elsewhere.

One of the first things I did when swapping to O365 was to turn it off and based on our client feedback this has become a standard for our clients.

If you have landed here because you agree and would like to know how to disable clutter, you can find the details on how to do it yourself at the Microsoft site here –

It can also be switched off at an admin level for everyone in your organisation using a powershell command. If you don’t know what this is, no problems – We are here to help out.

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