Security Certificate Errors

Middle aged person becoming very annoyed at a computer
We had a client call today with a secure certificate error. When asked how long this had been occurring for, the answer was “3 days”

Hmmmm – Let me get this straight out.

" If you see a certificate error, it is because there is a problem."

It is not OK to simply answer Yes to the question do you wish to proceed – Especially if you are logging into a financial institution or other such place where there is money involved.

"Errors exist for a reason!! You should always question why they are there. If you don’t know or understand, its OK to call someone that does."

In this case, the certificate that had been installed was completely different from the financial institution that the client was trying to connect to. A scan of his system revealed numerous undesirable applications which were subsequently removed.

It is always important to change your passwords after an incident such as this an you need to make sure that your passwords are complex.

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