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What happens to your business when it has been attacked?

To put it simply, a cyber attack can affect your bottom line. When your cyber security is compromised, there is a ripple effect across your entire business. A cyber attack puts your business at risk in several ways:

Financially: This could include compromise of your corporate information, financial information, funds, and/or contracts.

Reputationally: This could include loss of trust from your clients or a loss of sales/customers, which can lead to reduced profits.

Legally: This could include a breach of the personal data security of either your staff or your customers, which can lead to fines/sanctions for failing to deploy appropriate security measures.

Becoming more cyber aware, how does that help me?

Being cyber aware helps you identify gaps and areas of compromise where a data security breach could occur in your business. With the right knowledge, you can create the right infrastructure to better manage your cyber security.

Proper cyber security starts with strong cyber attack security measures, which helps to protect your business, your employees, and your personal/client data. With a focus on cyber security, the security culture in your business will improve over time, resulting in better staff compliance and consistency across your business. Factors such as increased professionalism, better reputation, stronger employee productivity and longevity are just a few of the reasons to become cyber aware.

Is your business Cyber Aware?

If you’re worried about what potential cyber security vulnerabilities you’re exposed to, or curious as to how your current security holds up; we will perform a 27-point network performance and security assessment. This assessment will pinpoint any issues you may have in your infrastructure, along with the solutions to fix them, and we will also show you how you can get more out of your existing computer network.
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Worried about your business’s security? Request our guide to find out what you need to protect yourself!

Our passion to help

You matter to us. Whether you have a large or small business, we don’t like seeing your systems or data exploited or at risk. That’s why we created a convenient guide to help you understand IT security and improve your cyber attack security measures. Our simple 15-point checklist covers the essentials to protect your business from cyber attacks and security breaches.

Finding cyber attack prevention difficult?

We can help with that.
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Customer Focussed

This is about you. Our entire team is customer focussed and process driven for you. Whilst our customer service is second-to-none, we always maximise our technology to ensure you get a consistently great result. We take the time to listen to your unique needs and tailor our service solutions around your business.

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Straight to the Point

We cut out the noise and produce tangible results for you. We work around the core belief that the buck stops with us. So much so, that all our work comes with a 60-day, 100% money back guarantee. With Doman Digital, you will enjoy no-compromise, no-nonsense IT services. We guarantee it!


Tangible benefits for your business

With our unique approach, we GUARANTEE you will see a tangible financial benefit along with a productivity increase from your investment in technology


See what other Perth business owners are saying about us.


As a doctor and a business owner, I just want everything to work. In the past, technology has been a constant source of headaches for us. Whilst our practice manager has done a great job of shielding us from issues on a day to day level, there has always been technology discussions during our management meetings.

When we engaged Domain Digital with their fixed price IT service, we could see they performed a significant amount of work on our systems. The positive results speak from themselves. Instead of technology issues being at the forefront of our management meetings, we have now arranged for Charlie to attend our business coaching sessions to discuss strategy and how we can leverage technology as opposed to constantly fighting with it.

If your practice has any sort or technology challenges, I could recommend a discussion with Charlie and the team at Domain Digital.

— Dr Gavin Marsh

Practice Owner, Queens Road Surgery


I have utilised three IT companies whilst I have been a director of Ace Plus, with Domain Digital being our latest partner. Having used a number of other companies, I appreciate the enormous difference I have seen in the quality of advice, prompt service and implementation of solutions that are right for us.

We have gone from not really knowing what was happening with our systems combined with the requirement to constantly follow up to get anything done, then receiving invoices that didn't make any sense. To Domain providing a full synopsis on each task completed, never needing to follow up (in fact actually getting curtesy calls to ensure everything is OK) and clear invoices that we have never needed to query.

This is the way IT support should be delivered.

– Scott Keys

Director, Ace Plus

Worried about your business’s security? Download our guide to find out what you need to protect yourself!

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