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Why Domain Digital?

With the rapid advancements in modern technology, it is difficult for you to keep up with the latest developments to manage and secure your business systems. At Domain Digital, technology is in our DNA. We live and breathe technology, striving to be the best Managed IT Services company in Perth. Let our expertise be your advantage over your competitors.

The team at Domain Digital are always learning and keeping up with the latest developments in IT and cyber security. We keep on top of your security so you don’t have to. You will love our no nonsense attitude and guarantees of our quality work. All our SLAs have a 30 day termination process – if we are not meeting your needs and the relationship isn’t a win/win for both parties we will terminate the contract at no obligation to you.

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The buck stops with us

We are so confident in our services, we offer a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee on all our work. If you are not satisfied, for whatever reason, we will give you your money back. It’s that simple. Have a look at our Bill of Rights to see how committed we are to your satisfaction. At Domain Digital, we are all about YOU!

Our Core Services

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Cyber security

Are your IT systems secure? With Domain Digital’s cyber security services, you can be assured your systems are always protected from internal and external security threats.
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Managed IT services

Domain Digital can manage all your IT systems. With our experience, knowledge, and resources, you can leave the IT headaches to us, and get on with growing your business.

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Microsoft 365

With your Microsoft 365 subscription, you will always have access to up-to-date Microsoft productivity tools. This means you can keep working anywhere using the latest Microsoft products.

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Cloud solutions

Have you thought about a cloud storage solution? One of the biggest benefits of cloud storage is that you don’t need specialised hardware or software – everything is in the cloud and managed by us.

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Data backup & recovery

Ever had a system crash? What a disaster that can be. With Domain Digital’s managed backup service, we will be there to help you with an emergency recovery response in less than one hour.

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Automation solutions

IT automation solutions help to improve business processes and seamlessly manage data and information across cloud-based and onsite resources. Your systems will be backed up and secured without you even knowing it.

Find Out More About How We Can Help Your Business

The Five Pillars of IT Success

Our Five Pillars of IT Success are Best Practice guidelines that define the configuration standard to ensure optimal security, stability and reliability of your IT systems. These guidelines were developed using years of real-world experience working with thousands of businesses around Australia.

— 2013 Charlie Stephens, CEO, Domain Digital

IT strategy

How effective are your IT systems at meeting your current and future needs? Are they future proofed to handle developments in technology? Domain Digital can help you with a technology strategy that will ensure your business is at the forefront of technology for years to come.

System security

What is the value of your records and data? Are your systems set up in line with the C.I.A. of IT security – Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability? Domain Digital ensures your data is always secure and ready for you when you need it.

Data storage

There’s no place like home – for your data. Domain Digital covers all your data storage needs, whether it be in the cloud, on servers, or a combination of both (hybrid environment). We keep your data safe and secure, so you’ll never have to worry about it.

Business continuity

An operating system or equipment failure, damage by natural disaster, or failure to back up – these scenarios can easily become a reality and cause major problems for your business. Domain Digital can help keep your systems running or get them back up for you if something goes wrong.

House keeping

Having trouble with managing your systems, or ongoing system maintenance? You need someone reliable and trustworthy who can manage your systems now and into the future. Domain Digital takes the headaches out of managing your IT systems so you can get on with your business.
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Our Promise to You


See what other Perth business owners are saying about us.


As a doctor and a business owner, I just want everything to work. In the past, technology has been a constant source of headaches for us. Whilst our practice manager has done a great job of shielding us from issues on a day to day level, there has always been technology discussions during our management meetings.When we engaged Domain Digital with their fixed price IT service, we could see they performed a significant amount of work on our systems. The positive results speak from themselves. Instead of technology issues being at the forefront of our management meetings, we have now arranged for Charlie to attend our business coaching sessions to discuss strategy and how we can leverage technology as opposed to constantly fighting with it.If your practice has any sort or technology challenges, I could recommend a discussion with Charlie and the team at Domain Digital.

— Dr Gavin Marsh

Practice Owner, Queens Road Surgery


I have utilised three IT companies whilst I have been a director of Ace Plus, with Domain Digital being our latest partner. Having used a number of other companies, I appreciate the enormous difference I have seen in the quality of advice, prompt service and implementation of solutions that are right for us.

We have gone from not really knowing what was happening with our systems combined with the requirement to constantly follow up to get anything done, then receiving invoices that didn't make any sense. To Domain providing a full synopsis on each task completed, never needing to follow up (in fact actually getting curtesy calls to ensure everything is OK) and clear invoices that we have never needed to query.

This is the way IT support should be delivered.

– Scott Keys

Director, Ace Plus

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