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  • When we started the hunt for a new company to assist with our technology requirements, we took the time to evaluate Domain Digital against two competitors. From our initial discussions, we found that Charlie at Domain took a business, rather than technical approach to our challenges, which made his suggestions very easy to understand. We have been coached through Domain’s 5 steps to IT success which has produced an amazing result. We now have very few technology issues and the small issues we occasionally encounter are resolved very quickly. This is technology as it should be.

    Narelle HickeyPractice Manager, Queens Road Surgery
  • As a doctor and a business owner, I just want everything to work. In the past, technology has been a constant source of headaches for us. Whilst our practice manager has done a great job of shielding us from issues on a day to day level, there has always been technology discussions during our management meetings.

    When we engaged Domain Digital with their fixed price IT service, we could see they performed a significant amount of work on our systems. The positive results speak from themselves. Instead of technology issues being at the forefront of our management meetings, we have now arranged for Charlie to attend our business coaching sessions to discuss strategy and how we can leverage technology – as opposed to constantly fighting with it.

    If your practice has any sort or technology challenges, I could recommend a discussion with Charlie and the team at Domain Digital.

    Dr Gavin MarshPractice Owner, Queens Road Surgery

The 5 Pillars of IT success

With more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry, I can guarantee you this: The systems keep changing, however the fundamentals of a sound IT implementation stay the same.

Charlie Stephens – CEO

Our 5 Pillars of IT Success are our “Best Practice” guidelines that define the configuration standard to ensure optimal security, stability and reliability of the modern office. This process has been developed through years of real-word experience working with small/medium businesses around Perth and consists of the following components:
general management

1. IT Strategy

How effective are your IT systems at meeting your current and future needs?

We will assist you to devise a well-considered IT strategy to meet your specific business requirements in a cost-effective and productive way. This is critical to ensure you only spend money where you need to.

perimeter security

2. System Security

What is the value of your records and data?

We provide you with state-of-the-art security solutions to protect the integrity of your systems, infrastructure and devices.


3. Home For Your Data

There’s no place like home, for your data!

Allow us to develop a data storage solution for your business, ensuring that your server specifications meet your current and future needs, teamed with a configuration and maintenance plan that does too! This could be onsite, offsite, or a combination of the two that fits your growth and security requirements.


4. Data Recovery

An operating system or equipment failure, damage by natural disaster, failure to back-up – these scenarios can fast become a reality.

We work with you to implement back-ups that ensure you are never offline for any length of time, with fast recovery systems that keep you and your business operational.

device security

5. House Keeping

Having trouble navigating your systems? And what about ongoing system maintenance?

We work with you to document and execute a well-structured system, reducing your operational costs and saving you time. Teamed with a robust maintenance plan, small issues will remain just that – small.

Our Promise to You

Charlie Stephens, CEO
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  • No Disasters

  • No invoice surprises

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

  • On time, on budget projects

  • Less than 1 hour emergency response

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