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The best defence against any kind of cyber threat or attack is knowing to identify an untrustworthy source from the outset.

It’s no secret that as the digital age continues to grow, there are more and more people becoming vulnerable to hackers.

Research conducted by Cofense found that 91% of the time a phishing email is behind a successful cyber attack. Most of the time these malicious emails are opened unintentionally by a staff member and go on to wreak havoc within an organisation’s IT system.

At Domain Digital, we work with you and your team to help make your business Cyber Aware. We can help you significantly decrease the threat of a phishing email infiltrating your network in the future.

What are cyber threats?

Any act that has the intent to disrupt or damage a digital network can be defined as a cyber threat. A cyber threat can present itself in many forms, but the most common ways they appear amongst our IT systems are as computer viruses, denial of service, data breaches, or phishing attacks.

When handled incorrectly, a cyber threat can turn into a cyber attack. This is when it becomes dangerous to the computing systems and poses a direct threat to data. A cyber attack can come from within an organisation, or typically, from an external unknown group.

Common Cyber Threats


Malware can be defined as software that is created with the sole purpose of harming any kind of IT equipment.


As the name suggests, spyware infiltrates a device and spies on the actions of the user. This is typically to steal sensitive data like passwords, personal information, and bank details.

Phishing attacks

Phishing typically occurs when a cyber attacker disguises themselves as a trustworthy group to get personal information from victims. This will trick users into providing their access information, such that the threat actors can then gain access to your IT systems.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks

A DDoS attack occurs when numerous cyber attackers inundate a single server or computer system to flood the network, causing it to crash and deny legitimate users’ access.


Ransomware works to infiltrate a computer system through a website or electronic message, and then notifies the user that they must pay a fee to regain function of their system.


Often, trojans are disguised as computer software and are unintentionally downloaded by a user. Once downloaded, the trojan infiltrates the system via the back-end and gains control or steals information.

Why Domain Digital’s cyber aware training is important

Loss of business

60% of small businesses who have a cyber attack will go out of business within 6 months.Read the full article here.

Human error

The sophistication of today’s cyber threats means 90% of breaches are the result of human error.View the study here.

Small businesses are targeted

43% of cyber attacks target small and medium businesses. Many business owners are not concerned, as they believe there is nothing an attacker will want with their information. However, as a business owner, you need access to your information; if you are locked out from it, the threat actor will charge you money to regain access.Find out more here.

Digital safe

You work hard to protect our physical assets against harm. However, many business owners often forget to safeguard the most valuable parts of their digital assets. We show you how to categorise your digital assets from highly sensitive, to restrictive access only, to publically accessible general information.

Enable two-factor authentication

An effective way to minimise unauthorised access to your computer network is to use two-factor authentication. This creates an additional hurdle for potential hackers, as more than one password or piece of evidence is needed to access your systems. Whilst this makes life very difficult for hackers, it is very simple and easy for you to protect your assets.

Be wary of what you open

As mentioned previously, the main way computer breaches occur is through human error. Domain Digital’s cyber awareness training works to educate your team on the tell-tale signs that an email, website, or electronic message has malicious intent.

Password hygiene

A healthy password is strong in the face of a cyber attack yet can be remembered by those who need to use it every day. Domain Digital’s cyber aware training works to make sure your business has effective password hygiene, including how to use a password manager to ensure every password is complex and that no single password is ever used for more than one digital asset or website.

Protect your business against potential cyber attacks

The best defence against any type of cyber threat is continually working to apply best practice standards in your IT networks and systems. This means staying up to date on the latest developments in cyber attacks and regularly maintaining and updating your systems. This doesn’t mean purchasing the latest hardware every 12 months; it’s about ensuring all your software is kept up to date and patched as needed.

We offer a thorough 27-point assessment of your current system, performed by a senior IT technician, to identify any issues that could lead to harm. This service is provided free of charge and works hand-in-hand with our cyber aware training program to ensure both your IT systems and staff are updated and informed.

In-House IT security efforts

Domain Digital can identify the right solutions for your business to deter and defend against cyber threats. The best way to minimise the likelihood of a cyber attack is to:

Security partner efforts

As your IT security partner, Domain Digital offers the following:

Security consulting and 24/7 customer support

Our experienced team is always available to provide support whenever you need it. 

Consistent analysis and monitoring

Our ear is always to the ground to protect your business against any potential threats.

Regular software updates

We keep your systems updated regularly to ensure your business is always protected.

Proactive defences

We protect every component of your computing system against potential attacks.

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