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Remote desktop management services allow an external organisation administrative control over your business’ desktop and mobile devices.

Remote desktop management services allow an external organisation administrative control over your business’ desktop and mobile devices. Domain Digital offers remote desktop management services for your business to help remove the stress of having to manage multiple devices across in-house and remote servers.

The greatest benefit of our remote desktop management service is that our experienced technicians monitor, control, and maintain devices within your network. Our technicians can grant remote access to those who need it, update devices to run more efficiently, and ensure no unauthorised activity occurs within your network. 

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) solutions

We use a variety of tools including specialist RMM products and Microsoft Intune to ensure the efficient management of all your devices. Our software products offer extensive customisations that enable us to tailor a specific desktop management solution to suit your individual needs.

With our specialist software and extensive experience, our remote desktop management service could be the right fit for all your business’ desktops and mobile devices.

Why is Remote Monitoring and Management needed?

RMM allows for the centralised management of all the devices within your organisation. It provides us with the flexibility to perform all software patches, installations, and updates through one program. This results in a lower cost of service to you.

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Customer Benefits

Patch management

RMM provides automated patch deployment capabilities to provide you with peace of mind as to the security of your network.

Software deployment

RMM makes deploying software to your organisation’s devices achievable in just a few clicks, reducing time on a traditionally labour-intensive IT task.

Remote Control

Remote control of your business devices makes troubleshooting easier as an IT technician can access your devices remotely to resolve any issues.

Endpoint security

Endpoint refers to the devices within your computer network. RMM endpoint security features regularly assess any potential threats to devices on your network.

Modern Management

Modern management in the RMM software allows your employees to always have access to a fast and secure computing system.

IT Asset Management

RMM consolidates the tracking of licenses and warranties for your hardware and software resources, ensuring you are never without an essential application.


RMM Configuration Manager Solutions feature pre-defined configurations to manage certain functions. This decreases the time to set up and manage your computing system, saving you time and money.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile devices within your business can cause issues if they are misused or misplaced. RMM allows for remote configuration and management of mobile devices.

Operating System (OS) imaging and deployment

RMM allows for automatic remote deployment of operating systems within your computing network, removing the need for IT technicians to physically access a device.

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Automate desktop management routines

Our desktop management service eliminates the need for in-house IT services. All your devices, both onsite and remote, can be managed securely with our comprehensive service. Our desktop management service supports your computing systems with:

What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

If your business has multiple users working remotely across multiple devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, Mobile Device Management (MDM) could be for you. Our MDM service is available across all operating systems and ensures devices on your network are secure and operating efficiently.

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What to be aware of when sourcing Mobile Device Management


The MDM service you need will vary depending on your system architecture and the type of mobile devices on your network. Our technicians work alongside you to understand if your business uses an onsite, cloud, or hybrid server system. We tailor a solution based on your system architecture and the operational needs of your organisation.


When considering an MDM service, it is important to be aware of the direction your business is heading and whether your MDM provider is able to grow and evolve with you. At Domain Digital, we recognise that as your business grows and develops, your MDM needs may change. This is why, when we provide an MDM plan, we consider areas where your MDM service may need to pivot in the future.


The best MDM service is one that fully integrates with your existing computer network. At Domain Digital, we recognise the time, effort, and money you have invested into your IT resources. We focus on enhancing your current IT infrastructure with an MDM system that integrates seamlessly with your existing network.

What to look for in a Mobile Device Management service

When looking for an MDM service, there are a number of factors you need to consider. With Domain Digital, you don’t need to ask yourself these questions, as everything is covered in our MDM service.

  • Does it allow for remote disconnection of unauthorised devices/applications?
  • Does it allow for remote wipe of lost or stolen devices?
  • Does it support the backup and restoration of data?
  • Does it have jailbreak and rooting alerts?
  • Does it enforce strict security policies?
  • Does it have a remote configuration?
  • Does it log and report all actions?
  • Does it have 24/7 monitoring?
  • Does it have geofencing?
  • Is it cloud-based?
  • Is it scalable?

How Desktop Management and Mobile Device Management Helps

Reduce costs

The use of Mobile Device Management and desktop management services is cost-effective because it eliminates the need for in-house IT staff and the ongoing associated costs.

Improve budget management

We can tailor a solution that integrates seamlessly with your organisational systems and stays within budgetary restraints, whilst still meeting your requirements.

Create operational efficiencies

The main benefit of a desktop management service is that all updates, software patching, and other important tasks are automated, giving you complete peace of mind.

Centralise control

Having all your desktops and mobile devices managed centrally allows for standardised operation and more effective control of your devices.

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