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Our IT infrastructure service keeps your systems running at peak performance

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To keep your business running at maximum efficiency, your IT infrastructure must be up to the task.

Trying to manage your own resources can be costly, time-consuming, and stressful. At Domain Digital, our comprehensive proactive server management service keeps your systems running at optimal performance, allowing you to focus on what is important: growing your business.

Our in-house expert hosting and networking teams work 24/7 to monitor, diagnose and support your servers right from the hardware level through to your operating system. Our server management service includes:

Data backup server

What is a server management service?

While many businesses have turned to the convenience of cloud-based services, there are still those who need physical onsite servers. Quality services in server management from Domain Digital ensure your onsite servers (hardware) and software work together harmoniously to function at peak capacity. We consistently monitor your server components to maintain productivity and, crucially, security. An effective server management service provider, like Domain Digital, also ensures your server system has room to grow with your business.

The Elements of Server Management

Hardware Management

Our hardware management involves monitoring and maintaining your physical server components to ensure they continue to function effectively for your business.

Software Management

It’s important to keep your systems updated for ongoing performance and security so we constantly monitor and update your server software, as needed.


The cornerstone of everything we do here at Domain Digital, our security measures ensure your operating systems are protected against cyber threats and security breaches.

Data Backups

We backup your server data regularly to prevent loss of valuable information that can impact your business productivity and security.

Benefits of a server management solution

The nature of servers is such that they need constant server maintenance to run effectively, which can occupy significant time and resources that could be used elsewhere to grow your business. Domain Digital’s server management plans eradicate the burden associated with operating your own server equipment.

Lower Costs

Outsourcing your server management to Domain Digital saves you the considerable expenses associated with an in-house IT server administration and management team.

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 monitoring of your servers ensures minimised response time and any potential performance issues are identified and resolved before they become a problem for your business.

Access In-Depth IT Expertise

The team at Domain Digital are IT experts with many years of experience and a keen passion for everything computer related.

Achieve Best in Class Security

For your peace of mind, Domain Digital keeps on top of security issues with 24/7 monitoring services, patch updates, firewalls, password management, and more.

Computer showing automated data processes

Server Monitoring

Our expert team monitors your servers 24/7 to ensure each component is running smoothly and keeping you safe from potential cyber security threats. With our single interface and real-monitoring system, our server experts keep a close eye on the health and security of your server system.

IT Infrastructure Services

An IT infrastructure is made up of a number of components, including hardware, software, and a network system. Your IT infrastructure provides your organisation with a backbone for all your computing resources. Ideally, your IT infrastructure enables your business to operate without interruptions or downtime from IT-related issues.

Your server needs the right IT infrastructure to ensure it operates efficiently, effectively, and reliably. We work with your business to set up, manage, and maintain your IT infrastructure, ensuring every component works correctly to maximum performance and in harmony with each other. You’re in safe hands with Domain Digital in charge of your IT infrastructure, meaning your business will continue to grow and succeed.


Hardware is considered any component within a computing network that occupies physical space. For example, physical servers, hard drives, printers, etc.


Software comprises the non-physical components of a computing system, including the operating system, applications, programs, etc.


A computer network is a group of computers or devices connected to each other for the purpose of sharing data and information.

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