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IT design just for you

At Domain Digital, we believe IT support should be tailored to your individual business’ needs. The IT infrastructure needs for one industry will be vastly different from that of another. This is why we work alongside you to find a customised solution that fits your needs.

Our team has extensive knowledge of a variety of industries, allowing us to tailor an IT solution specifically for your business. Our fully certified team can provide:

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The story of Domain Digital

Domain Digital began its life in 1996 as a PC manufacturer who supplied unbranded IT devices to businesses. In 2005 the current CEO, Charlie Stephens, purchased Domain Digital and brought with him a renewed outlook on the business’ potential. Charlie saw there was an opportunity within the IT industry to offer small to medium businesses IT support as a partnership rather than an outsourced service.

Today, Domain Digital follows the same ethos and works alongside your business to identify exactly what IT infrastructure you need to help you grow. Our dedicated team takes the time to understand the intricacies of your business and industry to ensure our recommendations meet your requirements.

Through our many years within the IT industry, we have found businesses like yours want to understand the IT service you are being provided, as well as having peace of mind knowing your IT provider is delivering a secure, reliable, and custom solution.

Why Domain Digital?

A Fully Integrated IT Partner

When you engage Domain Digital to assist with your business’ IT needs, you are getting so much more than a service, you are getting a partnership. Our team takes the time to understand your needs and works to create a solution that will continue to support your organisation’s IT requirements. You will have consistent IT management and maintenance to ensure each component is operating effectively.

A cost-efficient IT solution

Due to our connections within the IT industry, Domain Digital can offer your business competitive pricing on high-quality IT equipment that will serve your business well for the future. Our pricing, teamed with our extensive knowledge in many industries, means we can provide the right equipment and the right software to have your business running as efficiently as possible.

Increase Your Business Productivity

We aim to fine-tune every aspect of your IT systems to ensure your business can always run at peak performance. Because we are focussed on increasing your productivity and, in turn, your bottom line, we will never suggest a product your business doesn’t need. This transparency of service means you can rely on Domain Digital to set up and maintain all your IT resources.

Clear and concise communication

Often, when dealing with an IT technician it’s difficult to understand the issue they are fixing and the solution they are using to solve it. We pride ourselves on being able to effectively communicate the situation in plain language to ensure you have a complete understanding. Throughout the entire process, we listen to your needs and communicate how we will meet and exceed them. You can count on our team to be clear and concise with all of our communications with you and your team.

FREE Network and Cyber Security Assessment

If you are considering a change to an outsourced or managed IT service provider, Domain Digital would like to invite you to undertake a FREE Network and Cyber Security Assessment.

One of our senior technicians will come onsite and perform a 27-point network performance and security assessment. This assessment will pinpoint any vulnerabilities you may have in your computer network. We will also show you how you can get more out of your existing network. Contact us to find out more or to book your FREE assessment.

– Charlie Stephens CEO, Domain Digital.

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