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Ensure your cyber security is up to date.

Often, many small to medium-sized business owners don’t realise they are vulnerable to a cyber security threat until after their system has been infiltrated. By the time you realise you are at the mercy of a cyber attack, your efficiency within the business could already be impacted. Valuable time and resources are focussed on solving the IT issue before business as usual can resume.

At Domain Digital, we offer cyber security that works alongside your business to ensure you are safeguarded from potential cyber threats. As leaders of cyber security in Perth, we achieve this by continuously ensuring your systems are up to date and running effectively through our FREE 27-point risk assessment, performed by a senior IT technician.

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The importance of cyber security.

As technology continues to improve and more of our assets become electronic, the opportunities for a cyber security threat are increasing. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure the data moving within your organisation is protected against cyber security breaches. This responsibility exists not only for your benefit, but also for the protection of sensitive information of your customers and clients.

When your business becomes victim of a cyber security attack, it not only puts personal information at risk but also disrupts your business until it is resolved. The reliance on technology for our daily business operations means any cyber breach can throw your organisation into disarray and halt productivity.

To protect yourself and your clients, it is crucial to have the appropriate safeguards in place to avoid the likelihood of a cyber attack. At Domain Digital, we are focussed on providing a tailored solution for your industry that mitigates these risks. This will allow your business to continue to thrive without cyber security concerns.

Keeping on top of cyber security threats.

It seems every day there is a new method in which hackers are trying to gain access to your network and wreak havoc. The development of digital devices and technology means we have to continually protect ourselves against any potential cyber attacks.

The technicality and legitimacy of these cyber threats is becoming increasingly sophisticated, which makes it almost impossible to avoid a cyber security breach of some kind. However, with the highly experienced team at Domain Digital, the worry of keeping your business cyber safe is removed. As leaders within the IT industry, we work to make ourselves aware of any new and developing threats to identify the best ways to protect your business.

Common threats

At Domain Digital, the most common cyber threats we see are:

Perth cyber security solutions

To help protect you from security threats, Domain Digital offers the following solutions:

Our IT security services.

Analysis and monitoring

As IT professionals, the team at Domain Digital are always up to date with the latest developments in new and upcoming cyber issues. We achieve this by performing constant analysis and monitoring of the IT landscape to identify solutions for your business before any serious cyber breaches can occur.

Proactive defences

A cyber security defence is irrelevant if it allows an attack to occur. For proactive cyber security in Perth, Domain Digital offers pre-emptive installation and updating of all your defence mechanisms. The ease of transmission of a virus from one device to another means each component of your network needs to have the highest level of protection available. For added peace of mind, we have live detection systems so we can see what is happening inside your network in real time.


Regular software updates

The workload involved in keeping your IT software and systems up to date can be immense. Domain Digital ensures your systems are regularly updated to effectively protect against potential cyber threats. This allows your team to focus their time and resources on what you need to grow your business.

Security consulting and 24/7 customer support

A cyber attack can occur at any time. Having access to a professional IT technician to help mitigate your risk is imperative. At Domain Digital, we pride ourselves on being available 24/7 to offer advice, assistance, and keep your computing systems protected.

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The Domain Digital guarantee.

100% risk-free with our 60-day money-back guarantee.

6 cyber security safety tips to follow.

Update your software and operating system

The best defence against new threats is to keep your software and operating system updated. This means patching software as soon as you are notified of a potential threat and assessing if your current operating system is equipped to prevent future attacks.

Install anti-virus software

There are many anti-virus software providers offering a vast variety of services to protect against cyber threats. We can help you find the right fit for your business and industry, so you don’t pay unnecessarily for features you don’t need.

Use strong passwords

Often, the simplest thing like a weak password can allow a cyber attacker to infiltrate your computing system. A strong password is the easiest step you can take to greatly reduce unauthorised access to your network and applications.

Do not open email attachments from suspicious senders

Cyber attackers are becoming increasingly effective at masquerading as legitimate organisations. They often conduct research on a potential victim to ensure the email they send looks as legitimate as possible. If an email you receive doesn’t look right, or if you don’t know the sender, do not click on any links or buttons, or open any attachments until you have consulted an IT professional.

Avoid using unsecure public Wi-Fi networks

Although it may seem convenient, unsecured public networks are an easy way for cyber attackers to hack your device. The nature of public networks means any device can access them, and you are unaware of the potential malicious users sharing the same network as you.

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